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Custom DC-15A Raffle
  • Custom DC-15A Rifle
  • 29 / 2147483647 entries
  • You can enter 100 time(s) more
Purchasing a ticket to this raffle grants you one entry into a draw to get a custom DC-15A which only you will have access to. To see all the options available, simply press Q while in game and look at all the subtypes of DC-15A under the "[TW] Blaster Rifles" weapons tab. The winner gets to choose whichever custom DC-15A under that section they would like as well as their weapon tracer color. The stats of these weapons will be modified so that they are along the server balance curve, so ignore whatever stats the current versions in server have. The raffle ends at the end of august at the same time as the summer sale as these are part of the same event. For those concerned about what this will be post inventory system update, your custom weapon will be turned into an artifact.
The raffle has ended, the winner is: Uber